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The new fish on the block

Ondrej Mihályi
Sun Microsystems logo

2006: GlassFish (Java EE 5)

2007: GF 2 (Java EE 5)

2009: GF 3 (Java EE 6)


Jun 2013: GF 4 (Java EE 7)

Nov 2013: Oracle dropped support for GF 4

2015: GF 4.1.1 (latest release)

? 2017: GF 5 (Java EE 8)

Nov 2013: Oracle dropped GF4 support

Oct 2014: Payara Server 4.1.144

Jan 15: Added JCache (Hazelcast)

May 15: Payara Micro

Jul 15: Payara Blue (IBM JDK)

Oct 15: Payara Server based on GF 4.1.1

What is Payara Server?

Derived from GlassFish Server 4

Open-source project

Commercial 24/7 support by Payara Ltd.

Fixing GlassFish bugs

Fixes also from external contributors

New features

New distributions

The community grows

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Payara Blog

Guest blogs,


Payara Server 4

Payara Server 5

Vision of next generation server

Thank you!

And remember to feed the fish