Properties and config in persistence.xml

List of elements in persistence.xml

<!-- turn off 2nd level caching (optional), values:


<!-- desired provider (optional), 
 if not present, default provider will be used -->


<!-- if true, only listed classes will be treated as entities. 
  Default false. 
  Not applicable for Java SE, where every entity must be listed -->


<!-- optional declaration of used datasource. 
  If not specified, connection properties must be specified.
  Otherwise will use the referenced datasource provided by the container -->

Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

These elements can be overridden with the following properties, if a map is passed to EntityManagerFactory:

  • javax.persistence.provider to define the provider class used
  • javax.persistence.transactionType to define the transaction type used (either JTA or RESOURCE_LOCAL)
  • javax.persistence.jtaDataSource to define the JTA datasource name in JNDI
  • javax.persistence.nonJtaDataSource to define the non JTA datasource name in JNDI
  • javax.persistence.lock.timeout – pessimistic lock timeout in milliseconds (Integer or String)
  • javax.persistence.query.timeout – query timeout in milliseconds (Integer or String)
  • javax.persistence.sharedCache.mode corresponds to the share-cache-mode element defined in Section 2.2.1, “Packaging”
  • javax.persistence.validation.mode corresponds to the validation-mode element defined in Section 2.2.1, “Packaging”

See Hibernate 3.5 reference

List of standard properties


<property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.driver" 
  value="org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver"/>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)


<property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" 
  value="jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/chapter02DB;create=true"/>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)


<property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.user" value="APP"/>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)


<property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.password" value="APP"/>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Hibernate properties

Debug SQL:

<property name="hibernate.show_sql" value="true"/>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Schema generation (optional):

<!-- create the database schema automatically,
  values: create-drop, update -->

<property name="" 

Code language: HTML, XML (xml)


<property name="hibernate.dialect" 
  value="org.hibernate.dialect.H2Dialect" />Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

EclipseLink properties

Schema generation (optional):

<!-- create the database schema automatically, 
  values: create-tables, drop-and-create-tables -->

<property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation" 
  value="create-tables"/>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)


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