Started working as Payara engineer

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Recently I made a small shift in my career, exchanging series of jobs and projects as a Java developer for a job to support and promote a great open-source product – Payara server. I made a leap from a developer who just enjoys the quality of lots of open-source software, to become a voice and face of one such product, for the community on github as well as for customers willing to pay for the support. I love that I may become active part of the Java and Java EE community, actively participate in shaping it, present new ideas and possibilities, and last but not least, help to modernize, support and shape the future of GlassFish server extended by the Payara server project.

Besides my support activities for customers and the community (github issues, stackoverflow), I also have plenty of time to present information to the community in the form of Payara blog, Payara Twitter, Payara Youtube channel, and hopefully talks at JUG and Java conference events in the future

Although I will remain actively posting on my personal blog about general Java, Java EE things as well as about my impressions and insights in my free time, I will have more time to create content for official Payara channels during my work time.

In fact, I already created my first blog post on Payara blog – How to use the Open MQ broker separately to Payara server – and also appeared in the youtube channel in an on-boarding interview – Welcome to the Payara Team – Ondrej Mihalyi

I really love my new job and hope to become more and more active in the Payara and Java EE community!

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2 thoughts on “Started working as Payara engineer

  1. Hi Ondrej,
    Congratulation! It’s great to see Payara is doing well. I spent 2 good years with C2B2 and I have many good memories.
    Say Hello to everyone in the Malvern office when you are there! 🙂


    1. Hi Jara,

      It’s a pity we didn’t have chance to meet in C2B2. It’s nice to hear from you! I forwarded your greetings to everyone in C2B2. Julia said that you were at the very beginning of Payara, and that the name and the logo were your ideas 🙂 So I may reassure you that Payara is really doing well and growing!

      Hope you are doing well too. In case you’re located around Prague, we could have a beer together, just ping me on twitter.


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